About Us

Amit Nishad

Amit Nishad


I love making new scripts as a website developer and learning new things in technology. I love spending quality time with my family and friends.

I live in Mumbai, the financial capital of India. No matter how worse or great, I just love being in Mumbai.

O.K. I guess you expected to hear something related to web development... right !

Before starting to work as a website developer, I worked for 6 years in typical 9-5 jobs. That includes my 3 years tenure with Just Dial P Ltd. During my tenure with Just Dial, I got a hint of website development and that created a hunger to learn it. That's when I started off learning HTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL...

After spending almost 6 months learning the basics, I got hang of it. And then journey began to learn advanced scripting. And now here I am...

Our Motto

Obviously, to earn money !

O.K. Jokes apart, we just love to give more than our client expects, be it in terms of quantity, quality or committment. And we guess we have been quite successful in that too! Because, within 6 months we got 7 projects, one of which is a full fledged e-Commerce website. And none of these clients came through any advertising.

When it comes to being economical without compromising quality and trustworthy, you can count on us. Few of our clients had already worked with some other web development companies and sufferred. But now we feel proud as they are happy and satisfied with our work on their websites.

We like to guide our clients technically who are not tech-savvy or have very less knowledge about website development.